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 Board Games
Board Games
 Hidden City:Mystery of Shadows
Hidden City:Mystery of Shadows
Cartoon Camera
Cartoon Camera
Minecraft FREE 1.75.35202
Minecraft FREE 1.75.35202
Digimon Invasion! FREE! 1.0
Digimon Invasion! FREE! 1.0
Galaxy 星空 动态壁纸
Galaxy 星空 动态壁纸
Droid Sky View (Star Map)
Droid Sky View (Star Map)
战仙OL-大型唯美仙侠游戏 1.12.0615
战仙OL-大型唯美仙侠游戏 1.12.0615
Whack Your Boss 27
Whack Your Boss 27
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Galaxy Hunt 2.1
What is Galaxy Hunt 2.1? away waves of choppers before facing the bombers, armored airships and Special Ops. ,Use upgrades to boost your firepower, blitzing the enemy in a torrent of destruction. ,Full Scoreloop integration for leader boards, achievements and friends' scores. , ,Download it now and let’s ROCK! , ,Conte [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: Hututu Games Released At: 2013-07-27
You Are Surrounded - FREE 1.2.4
What is You Are Surrounded - FREE 1.2.4? as a real and visceral shootout. You train your aim and reflexes using the motion control inside a real zombie apocalypse for the first time.,,This is the first beta!,,Recent changes:,1.2.0 or higher,,- Zombies more realistic!,- The game is better optimized, works on more device [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: School of Games Released At: 2013-07-27
Sniper Defense 1.1
What is Sniper Defense 1.1? to take out groups of enemy units, and try to hold out against the waves of soldiers that march against you! , ,Recent changes: ,Version 1.1 - Added Vungle ad support in Armory->Get Free Coins. View a short ad to get 100 free coins. , ,Content rating: Medium Maturity [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: Full Armor Games Released At: 2013-07-27
Zombie Sniper 3D 1.1
What is Zombie Sniper 3D 1.1? device takes you into extraordinary game ,★Survive in fighting with numerous Zombies and get your highest score ,★Thousands of missions are stored for you to obtain ,★Rescue civilians and work out your escape route ,★Use powerful guns, grenades and Close-in weapons ,★Various canny BOSS , , [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: CuteApp Released At: 2013-07-27
Call of Honor Independence Day 1.0.1
What is Call of Honor Independence Day 1.0.1? this plan is the 4th of July, Independence Day in the U.S.. Escape the Russians to save your country. ,This is not the Warzone Getaway, Counter Strike, Medal of honor or Call of Duty ... This is the Call of Honor! and is the start of a new saga! [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: Mobizol Released At: 2013-07-27
Urban Sniper 4 1.0
What is Urban Sniper 4 1.0? finest! , ,Grab your sniper rifle and prepare for some truly stick man insane cross hair squinting madness! ,--------------------------- , ,Instructions : complete each sniper mission objective by blasting the enemy stick man with a high powered rifle shot. , ,***Head shots are preferable! , [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: Tap And Smash Mobile Released At: 2013-07-27
1942 1.5.2
What is 1942 1.5.2? that with this app you will receive a few search points on your device, all are easily deleted or replaced. Thank you for your understanding. ,Install This Free App Now! ,Note: This app contain an Ad to support Developers. ,Thank you and Enjoy ! , ,Content rating: Low Maturity [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: Nicolas Alonso Released At: 2013-07-27
Archery 3.6
What is Archery 3.6? deeply and shoot the arrow. Maximum points are awarded if you manage to hit the Bull’s eye. Set the projectile right and you will hit the centre. ,The game helps in improving your concentration and is highly addicting. Compete with your friends to create high scores.,,Content rating: Low Maturity [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: Wini Games Released At: 2013-07-27
Taliban Sniper Killer 3D 1.0
What is Taliban Sniper Killer 3D 1.0? , ,Taliban Sniper Killer 3D will knock you out with amazing 3D graphics and animations. , ,* Very intense and immersive gameplay ,* Ardent atmosphere with great soundtrack and sound effects ,* 8 levels and more will be added soon. ,* Using normal on screen joystick or G-sensor (acc [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: AddictivGames Released At: 2013-07-27
Sniper:Death Shooting (free) 1.0
What is Sniper:Death Shooting (free) 1.0? to finish many mission his leader commands. The creative design of this game will make you addicted to it! ,Features ,★★★★★ Rich game stages and levels ,★★★★★ Realistic character design ,★★★★★ Gorgeous visual effects ,★★★★★ Smooth game control feelings ,★★★★★ Vivid sound effect [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: RainningDay Released At: 2013-07-27
Crazy Air Battle 1.0
What is Crazy Air Battle 1.0? and temper yourself during the war. ,Don’t wait! Be a hero! Pilot your plane and fight! ,★Games Features★ ,★Realistic game scenes and magnificent graphics ,★Super beautiful plane models ,★Excellent sound effect enrich game experience ,★Easy and fun palymode ,★Brand new trials are stored fo [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: FREE GAMER Released At: 2013-07-27
Robot to Survive 1.0.1
What is Robot to Survive 1.0.1? Use the mouse to aim and shoot everyone down. , ,Tag casual action shooting , ,Content rating: High Maturity Use the mouse to aim and shoot everyone down. , ,Tag casual action shooting , ,Content rating: High Maturity [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: More Moore Released At: 2013-07-27
SWAT Army v1.3.2
What is SWAT Army v1.3.2? required!,As members of SWAT elite forces, your mission is to kill the terrorists and free the hostages. Strike the enemies with your weapon with sharp shooting skills. Free game consisting of multiple levels of fun and addictive enjoyment.,,HOW TO PLAY,TAP to shoot,,Recent changes:,fix a fc b [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: Сергей Sergei Released At: 2013-07-27
S.W.A.T Sniper 2.8
What is S.W.A.T Sniper 2.8? and return the hostages to safety! Can you save them and save yourself?,,Content rating: Medium Maturity The S.W.A.T special forces have elite snipers trained for combat. You alone must eliminate the hostile threat and return the hostages to safety! Can you save them and save yourself?,,Cont [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: Sniper Union Released At: 2013-07-27
Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn Free 1.02
What is Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn Free 1.02? team dynamics.,,Weapon List:,* Various elemental weapons affect enemies differently.,* Randomly generated weapon drop system guarantees satisfying combat.,* Seven categories of weapons to obliterate varied battlefields.,,Fight against Boss,* Epic fight scenes,* Powerful Boss [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: Freyr Games Released At: 2013-07-27
Neptune's Shooting Range 1.0
What is Neptune's Shooting Range 1.0? can always erase the game to remove it. ,This will help keep this app 100% free and help us bring you more cool apps like this in the future. ,You can delete the search shortcuts easily (Drag & Drop to the garbage). , ,Thanks!! , ,Content rating: Medium Maturity [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: Leopold Developers Released At: 2013-07-27
Cold Space 1.3.0
What is Cold Space 1.3.0? find free continues,-Lightning/Missile drone damage increased,-Phonix Lvl8 bird damage increased,-Homing projectiles don't target mines anymore,-More accurate highscore timer,-Back button closes the app in the main menu (Android),-Coupon code now also shown in coupon window (main menu) ,-Fixed [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: Gameforge Productions GmbH Released At: 2013-07-27
Pro Shooter : Sniper 1.21
What is Pro Shooter : Sniper 1.21? shooting. , ,Recent changes: ,v1.2. ,Fixed an intermittent problem with one of the targets at the "Old Castle". ,v1.1. ,Stability and performance improvements ,Expanding the boundaries of camera movement. ,Increased size of the target center. ,Explanation are added in case of a RPG de [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: the Core Factory Released At: 2013-07-27
Battlefield Frontline 1.0
What is Battlefield Frontline 1.0? of humans infected with the virus, you are the only survivor, a large influx of zombies get to you, pick up your weapons to destroy them. You need to buy in a store more powerful weapon to fight, take up arms to fight it! , ,Content rating: Low Maturity [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: sundayfucs Released At: 2013-07-27
Air Attack 3D Free 1.0.8
What is Air Attack 3D Free 1.0.8? like games like 1942, 1943, Siberian Strike, iFighter, Air Strike, Flying Shark, DoDonPachi, Espgaluda, Swiv, Sky Force, Warblade, this game is for you. ,If you got any problems with AirAttack HD please send us an e-mail, we will do our best to help you. , ,Content rating: Medium Matur [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: XIBO Released At: 2013-07-27
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