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 Board Games
Board Games
 Hidden City:Mystery of Shadows
Hidden City:Mystery of Shadows
Cartoon Camera
Cartoon Camera
Minecraft FREE 1.75.35202
Minecraft FREE 1.75.35202
Digimon Invasion! FREE! 1.0
Digimon Invasion! FREE! 1.0
Galaxy 星空 动态壁纸
Galaxy 星空 动态壁纸
Droid Sky View (Star Map)
Droid Sky View (Star Map)
战仙OL-大型唯美仙侠游戏 1.12.0615
战仙OL-大型唯美仙侠游戏 1.12.0615
Whack Your Boss 27
Whack Your Boss 27
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Guns'n'Glory Heroes 1.1.0
What is Guns'n'Glory Heroes 1.1.0? skulls! Join your party of stalwart heroes and become the Champion of the Hill Lands!,,* Supports Immersion haptic technology *,,,,,,Recent changes:,Added items to upgrade your heroes,Added d [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: HandyGames Released At: 2013-07-27
Dragon Warcraft 1.09
What is Dragon Warcraft 1.09? gems bonus in boss level , , ,V1.05: ,1. fix bug on Moto raza ,2. more bonus for killing boss , ,V1.04 ,1. fix crash problem in Samsung Phones ,2. fix game restart when game play on some phone ,3. bug in profile reset , ,Content rating: Medium Maturity [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: FT Games Released At: 2013-07-27
TD Ninja birds Defense Free 1.0
What is TD Ninja birds Defense Free 1.0? attach range is big but strength is small.,Lightning Ninja: attack walking and flying zombies, attack and strength are balanced,Wizard Ninja: attack walking and flying zombies, also slow down enemies. ,,,Join us in Ninja Birds,,if you like Ninja,Birds,Tower Defence,TD, Jewels,Ni [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: Easymobi Released At: 2013-07-27
Galaxy Wars TD 1.2.0
What is Galaxy Wars TD 1.2.0? Facebook Page:,Cat Studio's Tiwtter:,Cat Studio's Youtube Channel:,------------------------------,,Recent changes:,1. Optimize the network data processing, will not lost purchased [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: Cat Studio HK Released At: 2013-07-27
Colosseum Defense 1.0.2
What is Colosseum Defense 1.0.2? and stop them in their tracks!, ,ADAPTING INTERFACE,Your progress into new environments and castle upgrades are updated real time to display your achievements in the game interface!,,Recent changes:,- Minor bugs fixed,,,Contact GAMEVIL Inc. @ ,,Tips & Tricks: , [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: GAMEVIL Inc. Released At: 2013-07-27
Epic Defense 2 - Wind Spells 1.1.2
What is Epic Defense 2 - Wind Spells 1.1.2? Page of Epic Defense 2 - the Wind Spells:,,Watch promotion video from,Watch demo video from,,Recent changes:,1. Fix a bug which cause data lost ,2. If y [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: DreamStudio, LLC Released At: 2013-07-27
Hero Defense : Kill Undead 1.1.4
What is Hero Defense : Kill Undead 1.1.4? Meteor Shower... ,# Over 150 elaborately made weapons to choose from; ,# Powerful warriors: Owl warrior, Lizard lancer, Mugger knight, Ogre lords... ,# More than 30 achievements are waiting for your challenge. , ,Hold your blade, Dawn Hero! , ,Recent changes: ,Fixed arena mode [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: Zombie Games Released At: 2013-07-27
Castle Defense 1.2.7
What is Castle Defense 1.2.7? be able to complete hard mode now!!,Thank you for your help! :-),,. Any problem, please feel free to contact us:,,Recent changes:,v1.2.7,. Add level 5 for Endless mode.,,1.0.7,. Amazing ARENA mode released. Challenge millions of players over the world.,. Thousands of ru [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: Elite Games Released At: 2013-07-27
Defence Effect Free 1.0.5
What is Defence Effect Free 1.0.5? An interactive female-assistant added ,- An opportunity of restoring the purchases added ,- Helicopters’ performance fixed ,- Game crashes’ bug fixed ,- The quality and stability of the interface improved ,- Minor bugs fixed ,- Japanese language support added ,- Pocket change system i [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: SKY JET INTERNATIONAL Released At: 2013-07-27
Lich Defense - Kabam 2.2.0
What is Lich Defense - Kabam 2.2.0? being a loyal fan of Lich Defense! What's new in this version: ,★ Log in today and check the Gift Box for a free premium booster! Double XP and rewards - a $2.99 value for FREE!! ,★ Bug fixes to stability and other enhancements , ,Content rating: Low Maturity [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: Kabam Released At: 2013-07-27
Battle Towers 1.26
What is Battle Towers 1.26? , ,Privacy policy: , ,Recent changes: ,*New tutorial missions are available; ,*Purchase resources right in the heat of battle; ,*Warriors have mastered new types of attacks; ,*Spells are much cheaper to purchase ,*Overall Stability Improved ,*Hot pr [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: GIGL Released At: 2013-07-27
Hills of Glory 3D 1.0.13
What is Hills of Glory 3D 1.0.13? , ,- Free coins options are back ,- Ads are back in a much lighter version: less frequent, no more banners. ,- The ads won’t be seen before the end of tutorial for first session. ,- Bugs on Galaxy Tab GT-P1000 and P1000T fixed. , ,Content rating: Medium Maturity [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: AMA LTD. Released At: 2013-07-27
Monkey Balloon Tower Defense 1.1.0
What is Monkey Balloon Tower Defense 1.1.0? balloons before they escape.,,,Play Monkey Ballon Tower Defense for free! Stop balloons from escaping the maze! ,, ,Tags: tower defense, tower defence, balloons tower defense, monkey games, monkey balloons tower defense, TD games, balloon tower defense , super monkey balloon. [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: I AM Game Inside Released At: 2013-07-27
Zombie Defense 1.6.0
What is Zombie Defense 1.6.0? 10+ powerful weapons.,✔ Free to play.,,***************,Please feel free to contact us at,***************,,Recent changes:,V1.6.0,* Reduce game size.,* Graphics improved.,* Stage adjust.,,V1.5.0,* Add more realistic gaming scenes,* Add diamond props can restore your [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: ActionGames Released At: 2013-07-27
Magic Defense 1.0.2
What is Magic Defense 1.0.2? balls ,- Tap on the screen and Draw the gesture to cast special magic spells , ,Game Features: ,- Stunning graphics with a highly polished user interface ,- Full Save/Load functionality ,- 7 different types of special magic spells to master ,- Hundreds of enemy forces and special power-ups [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: Mouse Games Released At: 2013-07-27
Alien Must Die! 3D (TD Game) 1.1.5
What is Alien Must Die! 3D (TD Game) 1.1.5? you can draw your custom levels!,------------------------------,Cat Studio's Facebook Page:,Cat Studio's Tiwtter:,Cat Studio's Youtube Channel:,--------------------- [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: Cat Studio HK Released At: 2013-07-27
Mecha-Mecha Panic 1.0.3
What is Mecha-Mecha Panic 1.0.3? superior human intelligence! , ,Fire electrified bullets, detonate radioactive bombs, and even warp the very fabric of time itself! Do whatever it takes to keep the bots from destroying your base! , ,Play endless stages for free with unlimited upgrades! , ,Get ready for the fight of you [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: Game Closure Labs Released At: 2013-07-27
Tank Defender (New Version) 2.0.25
What is Tank Defender (New Version) 2.0.25? bomb which blast covers the whole battlefield. ,For every enemy destroyed you get silver coins, and gold coins for the completing of missions, and protecting your base. ,You can spend the coins between missions to upgrade weapons and protection of the base, and to improve spe [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: Top Apps Released At: 2013-07-27
3K Heros TD 1.0.0
What is 3K Heros TD 1.0.0? RPG game elements, including plot, upgrade and so on ,1. has five beautiful scene, 27 hero, 40 exquisite levels ,2. 5 special props to make the game even more complex ,3. optional battle played hero ,4. 3 countries can choose ,5. 27 kinds of stunts, each let you dazzled [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: flyfish Released At: 2013-07-27
Robot Defense 1.0.4
What is Robot Defense 1.0.4? attack multiple enemies, handy weapon to handle a large wave of enemies.,Bounce Tower: bounce attack, taking out dispersed enemies with one shoot;,Laser Tower: attack enemies in a line, super long range, the coolest ultimate weapon.,,Enemies:,Variant creatures, robot monsters, aliens, hi-te [Detail]
Posted In: Games Developer: CELL STUDIO Released At: 2013-07-27
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