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Kids Glow 1.0.0
Kids Glow 1.0.0
Juegos de vestir gratis 1.0
Juegos de vestir gratis 1.0
Masha Coloring Book 1.00
Masha Coloring Book 1.00
Cake Pops! - Free
Cake Pops! - Free
Coloring Book
Coloring Book
Juegos de vestir bebés 1.0
Juegos de vestir bebés 1.0
Sally's Nail Salon 2 1.0
Sally's Nail Salon 2 1.0
TV Series Mix SoundBoard 1.1.0
TV Series Mix SoundBoard 1.1.0
Monkey Preschool Lunchbox
Monkey Preschool Lunchbox
Juegos de cuidar bebés 1.0
Juegos de cuidar bebés 1.0
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Origami Classroom III
Description This software is an art surgery origami app with 40 games. It fits for different ages.Don't worry yourself,each origami has a detailed steps.We have also prepared video tutorials for you.Of course,also suitable for their children,thereby enhancing their hands-on Ability!, This version supports Android1 [Detail]
Posted In: Kids Developer: Easytime+Studio Released At: 2013-07-25
Knitters Friend
Description A very useful conversion app for knitters and crocheters that helps you convert knitting needle, crochet and steel crochet sizes from metric, UK and US.This app should help anyone with their knitting who uses multiple needle sizes from multiple markets. [Detail]
Posted In: Kids Developer: Moorhen+Apps Released At: 2013-07-25
project source, stage of completion, yarn info, needle size as well as a pattern file, notes and photos of your projects. You can view projects by stage and sort them by name or recency. KnitCards is also testing out a needle gauge to help you estimate your needle size. [Detail]
Posted In: Kids Developer: Akka+Bukka+Apps Released At: 2013-07-25
Yarn Shopper
This app helps you see how many skeins of yarn you'll need and how much you'll pay for your project.Ships with a built-in list of top yarns in each weight category, but lets you add and edit your own yarn descriptions as well.Version 1.1: added sort/filter, more yarns, settings [Detail]
Posted In: Kids Developer: Beekeeper+Labs Released At: 2013-07-25
Knitting Stash
back up on google's cloud storage and when you install Knitting Stash on another phone or reinstall the app your data will be restored.1.2: quick fix for Force Close in Counters tab.0.9:added delete confirmation dialog0.8:,added Needed Shopping field to Projects. added ability to sort hooks by size or type. [Detail]
Posted In: Kids Developer: Underhill+Labs Released At: 2013-07-25
How to Tie a Tie
don’t have much practice in making tie knots, start with making the simplest tie knots like Four-in-Hand or Simple Double. After that, you’ll get the idea of how to make other more difficult tie knots.About:,Facebook:,Twitter: next [Detail]
Posted In: Kids Developer: ArtelPlus Released At: 2013-07-25
anywhere around the world, of course your own play room. Now, turn your play room into a virtual wonder land for everyone to remember and enjoy. ,•Save what you have accomplished. Access saved images right at your own gallery,•Elegantly designed with easy to use interface,•Now, build something. And Enjoy… [Detail]
Posted In: Kids Developer: Charleston+Shi+LLC Released At: 2013-07-25
Gardening Fruit & Veg
instructional videos on how to grow andharvest your favourite fruit & veg.Includes,How to Grow Herbs Indoors,How to Grow Cauliflower,How to Grow Celery,How to Grow Corn ,Harvest & Store Figs,How to Harvest & Store Green Beans ,How to Dry Gourds,How to Harvest & Store Corn,How to Grow Garlic ,& More! [Detail]
Posted In: Kids Developer: JS900 Released At: 2013-07-25
Plant Helper Demo!
Description This application will help the medical marijuana patient and grower identify and resolve cannabis plant issues! This is the demo version. [Detail]
Posted In: Kids Developer: CannaSoft+Software Released At: 2013-07-25
Landscaper's Companion
Enjoyed by thousands of gardeners, Landscaper's Companion is your reference guide to trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, and all sorts of plants. Containing information on over 26,000 plants and 21,000 pictures, Landscaper's Companion makes an excellent resource for the casual gardener, landscaper, aspiring bot [Detail]
Posted In: Kids Developer: AgileTrack Software, LLC Released At: 2013-07-15
Garden Snob
For the garden obsessed. Gardening tips, tricks, and ideas on how to keep your garden green and growing. by BlogpireUpdated: Fix bug preventing app from running on Android 1.5 [Detail]
Posted In: Kids Developer: Handstand, Inc. Released At: 2013-07-15
Dollar Origami
Fold, Flip, Crease -- over 50 origami folds, from animals to t-shirts!Fun for the whole family, leave tips at restaurants with intricate designs. From basic to complex, clear and complete directions provide step by step instructions to fold dollar bill origami. No need for special paper, just use the money in [Detail]
Posted In: Kids Developer: Released At: 2013-07-15
Knots Guide
** New 2011 Sale: Buy now before price goes up in March!Learn how to tie knots using both step-by-step images and videos! All manner of knots are included: climbing, camping, hitches, loops, etc.All videos have been professionally edited and recorded. [Detail]
Posted In: Kids Developer: Life Software Released At: 2013-07-15
Use LittleKnitter to design and view charts for knitting, stitching or crocheting. Foregrounds can be drawn manually, backgrounds generated from a simple pattern. The viewer allows to keep track of the current position while knitting.1.4.3: export patterns to text; scale aspect ratio of grid [Detail]
Posted In: Kids Developer: VidasAndroid Released At: 2013-07-15
Simple plant list management for Gardeners, Landscapers, or Farmers. Keep track of what plants you grow and when they will be ready for harvest. Build a history that you can use for planning future gardens.Remember to always backup your data (Menu Key > Backup).Release Notes: Menu > About [Detail]
Posted In: Kids Developer: Organic Droid Released At: 2013-07-15
Origami Classroom II
This software is an art surgery origami app. It fits for different ages. Do not worry yourself, each origami has a detailed steps. We have also prepared a video tutorial for you. Of course, also suitable for their children, thereby enhancing their hands-on Ability! This version supports Android1.5 or above. [Detail]
Posted In: Kids Developer: Easytime Studio Released At: 2013-07-15
Crafty Card Gallery
The Crafty Card Gallery, the popular card gallery app for the iPhone is now available for Android phones. If you like to make and share your homemade cards, or look at others cards to get ideas, this is app will let you do that!It's a great way to get ideas & [Detail]
Posted In: Kids Developer: Jennifer Restivo Released At: 2013-07-15
Use Botanica to start growing your own food today! It helps you research the best plants for your climate and location, keeps track of plant growth with pictures and diary entries. Botanica also makes sure you don't forget to water your plants by issuing timely alerts at times you decide. Take [Detail]
Posted In: Kids Developer: Amir Malik and Marilyn Basanta Released At: 2013-07-15
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