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Debbie Downer Soundboard 1.0.1
Debbie Downer Soundboard 1.0.1
Pandora® internet radio
Pandora® internet radio
Music Volume EQ
Music Volume EQ
PocketBand Lite
PocketBand Lite
edjing free DJ scratch & mix
edjing free DJ scratch & mix
Radio FM
Radio FM
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Magic Piano
For example, the Samsung Galaxy S II has audio bugs in the phone itself that make the Magic Piano experience... well, not so magical. However, Android hardware and software are constantly improving so if we are able to support some of these devices in the future we absolutely will! [Detail]
Posted In: Music Developer: Smule Released At: 2013-08-15
SiriusXM Internet Radio
live radio and On Demand content,• Hear shows from the beginning, even if you've just tuned to that channel, with Start Now,• Track your favorite Shows and receive notifications when new episodes are available,• Automatically hear currently playing songs from the beginning when tuning to music channels with TuneSta [Detail]
Posted In: Music Developer: Sirius+XM+Radio+Inc Released At: 2013-08-15
MP3 Cutter & Ringtone Maker !!
Tone.,- Set the new clip as default ringtone or assign ringtone to contacts, using this ringtone editor.An MP3 Converter & Ringtone Maker app to style old songs a new way, just for your use FREE!This MP3 Cutter & Ringtone Maker app has inbuilt:,-Own Audio\Mp3 Player,-Own Audio\Mp3 Cutter,-Own Audio Recorder [Detail]
Posted In: Music Developer: Android+Tech Released At: 2013-08-15
audio devices and smart phones. Kick back and listen to truly ad-free radio from almost any artist or genre.A Rhapsody trial or subscription is required. Streaming music requires an active internet,connection. High Quality (HQ) downloaded music can be accessed without an active connection.Like Rhapsody on Facebook:,htt [Detail]
Posted In: Music Developer: Rhapsody+International+Inc. Released At: 2013-08-15
My Mixtapes
so you can interact with friends or the Artist themselves.Discovering great new music has never been simpler. Use the powerful search feature to search for specific mixtapes, artist or groups. Whether you are seeking Rap, R&B, Hip Hop or the latest trend, you can find it on My Mixtapez. [Detail]
Posted In: Music Developer: My+Mixtapez+LLC. Released At: 2013-08-15
Music Volume EQ
this is the best. I'm not even satisfied with all the players with built in 10 band eq. The only downside is after listening,with your music it'll automatically turn off. Other than that it's great!",Please feel free to send us your feedback.,* Android is a trademark of Google Inc. [Detail]
Posted In: Music Developer: K%26K+design Released At: 2013-08-15
VEVO - Watch Free Music Videos
Television. In various territories, VEVO powers music videos on artist pages across Facebook, as well as syndicates to dozens of online sites. Additionally, through a special partnership with YouTube, VEVO is accessible in over 200 markets, expanding the platform’s reach around the globe. Please visit fo [Detail]
Posted In: Music Developer: VEVO Released At: 2013-08-15
Poweramp Music Player (Trial)
=> Advanced Tweaks.Poweramp 2.x uses Direct Volume Control by default on 2.3+ mid-to-high end devices. On stock ROMs this produces much better audio output. But many custom/buggy ROMs, while supporting DVC, can fail with it.Q. Can I get Poweramp v1.4 look?,A. You can download "Poweramp Classic Skin" on Mar [Detail]
Posted In: Music Developer: Max+MP Released At: 2013-08-15
Google Play Music
offline playback,* Experience music without ads,* Buy new music on Google Play (18M+ songs),* Share a free full play of the songs you purchase from Google Play with your friends on Google+.,* Learn more about availability of Google Play Music at,* Learn more about G [Detail]
Posted In: Music Developer: Google+Inc. Released At: 2013-08-15
Smart Voice Recorder
(for displaying ads and some stats collection),- write to external storage (to store recordings),- record audio,- wake lock (for prevent device from sleeping),- write settings (for ability to set default system ringtone/notification/alarm),- billing (for in-app option to turn off ads)Please feel free to send me any fee [Detail]
Posted In: Music Developer: Andrey+Kovalev Released At: 2013-08-15
TuneIn Radio
with us! support@tunein.comWant us to help you find the best audio gems?,✪ +1 us on Google Play,✪ Like us on Facebook:,✪ Follow us on Twitter: software uses code of FFmpeg ( and LibMMS ( licensed under the LGPLv2.1 ( [Detail]
Posted In: Music Developer: TuneIn+Inc Released At: 2013-08-15
to mute SoundHound audio when receiving phone calls.MODIFY/DELETE USB STORAGE CONTENTS MODIFY/DELETE SD CARD CONTENTS,Used to cache data.CONTROL VIBRATOR,Used to notify when search results are ready.VIEW WI-FI STATE,Used to allow usage through WI-FI.VIEW NETWORK STATE,Used to detect when internet access is available.,T [Detail]
Posted In: Music Developer: SoundHound+Inc. Released At: 2013-08-15
favorite band and see what records my friends are listening to.” – Jason Fisher, Epitaph & Anti RecordsPraise from the press:“A more human approach” – Edward C. Baig, USA Today“A seemingly endless amount of music to discover.” – Belinda Thomas, Examiner“Rdio is putting people front-and-center.” – Heather Kelly, Ven [Detail]
Posted In: Music Developer: Rdio Released At: 2013-08-15
so your friends can listen to them too.Discovering great new music has never been simpler. Use the powerful search feature to search for specific people, sounds or sets. Whether you are seeking dubstep, R&B, classical music or the latest news & current affairs, you can find it on SoundCloud. [Detail]
Posted In: Music Developer: SoundCloud Released At: 2013-08-15
Amazon MP3 - music download
import your library from iTunes or your MP3 music folders so you can listen to it everywhere. Play music stored on your device, stream your music from the cloud, or download music to your Android phone or tablet so you can play music offline or reduce data plan usage. [Detail]
Posted In: Music Developer: Amazon+Mobile+LLC Released At: 2013-08-15
custom stations and playlists with your favorite artists and songs,• Commercial-free experience with unlimited song skips*,• Play songs, albums and artists on demand**,• Download your favorite songs on your Android***Commercial –free listening requires Slacker Radio Plus or Premium subscription.,** On-demand and music [Detail]
Posted In: Music Developer: Slacker+Inc. Released At: 2013-08-15

Love Spotify?Like us on Facebook:,Follow us on Twitter:* If you don’t have log in details - simply register for a free Spotify account on the Spotify website. Full mobile terms of Use & 48-hour free trial terms and conditions can also be found on the Spoti [Detail]
Posted In: Music Developer: Spotify+Ltd. Released At: 2013-08-15
Pandora® internet radio
with Pandora on the web. Enjoy all your existing stations – and create new ones right from your phone or tablet.Note: Pandora may use large amounts of data and carrier data charges may apply. For best results, we recommend you connect your device to trusted WiFi networks when available. [Detail]
Posted In: Music Developer: Pandora Released At: 2013-08-15
or Facebook to make iHeartRadio uniquely yours. Create, save, and share your internet radio stations from wherever you access iHeartRadio.***Love iHeartRadio? Please give us a 5-star Google Play rating and review! Have a suggestion, question or concern? Please email us at and we'll be happy to [Detail]
Posted In: Music Developer: Clear+Channel+Broadcasting,+Inc. Released At: 2013-08-15
XiiaLive™ Pro - Internet Radio
are the known and tested formats that work. Other formats might work.,-Formats: [aac, aac+, m3u, mp3, mp4, m4a, mpeg, asf, wma, ogg, flac],-Playlists: [m3u, pls, asx],-Protocols: [http, hls, mms, mmsh]XiiaLive app permissions explained:, uses Open Source project FFmpeg.,h [Detail]
Posted In: Music Developer: Visual+Blasters+LLC Released At: 2013-08-15
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