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MultiLing Keyboard
MultiLing Keyboard
嘸蝦米輸入法 Boshiamy IME 2.4.01
嘸蝦米輸入法 Boshiamy IME 2.4.01
Google Goggles
Google Goggles
VIVA  GO Locker Theme
VIVA GO Locker Theme
زخرفة النصوص والبرودكاست
زخرفة النصوص والبرودكاست
iOS7 Clock Widget Pack Free 1.0
iOS7 Clock Widget Pack Free 1.0
Alarm Clock Xtreme Free
Alarm Clock Xtreme Free
WiFi Finder
WiFi Finder
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Secure Settings
ability to force refresh of in-app purchases * CWM Superuser support v1.3: * 19 New Options! * Secure Settings Pro - 8 unique options - Upgrade through an in-app payment - Trials can be requested in-app Please Note: If you wish to uninstall this app, you MUST disable Device Admin. [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: intangibleObject Released At: 2013-08-15
Reverse Lookup
usually remains listed as being serviced by the original carrier. kw city id - name id Recent changes: 2.2.2: •Tweaked results to improve data when looking up a number so most numbers once again (at least) return city/state, and carrier information. 2.2.1: •Minor number formatting tweak for some Samsung phone [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: esMobile Released At: 2013-08-15
3G Internet Browser
Skyfire, Safari, Dolphin, One Browser, Firefox, UC Browser, Andoromeda, Microsoft IE for mobile, Teashark, Bolt, Blazer Key words: web, flash, mini, WIB, proxy, net, Java, mobile, booster, tablet, youtube, internet, android, 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi Recent changes: - Facebook night mode - Bookmarks are now avaliable on your h [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: AppsLeader Released At: 2013-08-15
service, you need to verify that your system time zone has the same offset or enable "Use database offset" option, otherwise you may get incorrect time. I'm very sorry for this change, but I can't pay $2000 for their library and host it on my servers (check for details) [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: Sergey Baranov Released At: 2013-08-15
Vidz - Video Downloader
Videos! ##################### For any problem or suggestion, please contact us at the following address: ##################### Search Keywords: Vidz, Video, video downloader, video download, movie, utilities, downloader, download, browser Recent changes: 5.9 - Fixed major bug. - Added vibration bu [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: BlackBayDev Released At: 2013-08-15
MyPhoneExplorer Client
Files, handle Calls, create backups... Connection via WiFi, USB-Cable or Bluetooth. This is the client which is needed for phone, you'll need also the desktop-software which can be downloaded at Recent changes: - added connectivity for WiFi Hotspot mode - some changes in GUI for JellyBean - many Bugfixes [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: FJ Softwaredevelopment Released At: 2013-08-15
Knobs Toucher Theme GO
app 4.Panel color switch -click the 'Light' button to switch White&Black panel With an extra Toucher Point skin -- 'Knobs', find it in "Toucher theme - Point tab" #HOW TO UNINSTALL/DEACTIVATE/DELETE this theme: app drawer - Toucher - Installed - Knobs Theme, click the top bar, find the 'Delete' option. [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: GO Launcher EX Released At: 2013-08-15
Shake Calc - Calculator
Fix for forceclose Changes in 2.3: - Fixed bug in tan function for certain values - Fixed remaining bugs in rounding handling (e.g. 11.2-11.1=0.1) - Optimized application size (-33%!) Changes in 2.2: - Fix bug in rounding handling - Possibility to provide feedback (ideas, bugs etc.) added to Settings menu [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: Ralf Schroth Released At: 2013-08-15
Slider Widget - Volumes
shown. Sorry for that. display, change, settings, screen brightness, volumes, widget, slider, seekbar, toggle, small, style, stylish, customizable, minimalistic, easy, ring, media, voice call, alarm, system, notification Recent changes: some ICS+ improvements eg. on devices with unlinked notification volume it's possib [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: hinterhofapps Released At: 2013-08-15
Mobileuncle  MTK Tools
delay when the brush card recovery 2 installed the necessary increase in caching support 3 models automatically bound to increase mobileuncle forum sections, automatic matching mobile phone models get Uncle forum sections 4 Modify the UI interface, the next version of the toolkit will be using the new UI design [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: njava Released At: 2013-08-15
GO Media Manager
→ tap 'Photo / Music / video shortcut' ” 3. GO Media manager can be opened in app drawer in GO launcher EX, use” tap the icon on left bottom → tap photo/music/video icon ” Recent changes: 1.(New) Be compatible with Android2.1 PS: please update GO launcher EX to v3.6 [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: GO Launcher Dev Team Released At: 2013-08-15
SoundCloud Downloader
Small tool to download MP3 files from via Android share menu. note: downloaded files will be saved in Download folder in SDcard. Recent changes: v1.3 - bug fixes. v1.2 - user can show downloaded files. v1.1 -fix getting link bug. [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: S.Mustafa Released At: 2013-08-15
Fake GPS location
running other apps to be faked otherwise they will use the default GPS sensor instead of FakeGPS's If you find any issue - please feel fre to contact me Tags: fake, spoof, mock, GPS, geotag, location, latitude, mayor, checkin, gowalla Recent changes: - Autostart on boot options - FAQ added [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: Lexa Released At: 2013-08-15
Smart Ruler
package. For more information, see the manual, Youtube video and the blog. Thank you. ** Network permission is required for ads. Recent changes: - v1.4.0 : Settings bug fix. - v1.4 : ActionBar added. - v1.3.4 : More models calibrated (Nexus7,10). - v1.3.1 : Minor fix - v1.3.0 : App2SD [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: Smart Tools co. Released At: 2013-08-15
Lookout Ad Network Detector
Follow Lookout on Facebook and Twitter to get up to the minute security and antivirus updates © 2012 Lookout, Inc. All rights reserved. Patents pending. Terms of Use available at Recent changes: Updating definiti [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: Lookout Labs Released At: 2013-08-15
Swiss Army Knife
off LED while entering standby status Unit Converter: Added: quarts (US), tons per square foot, pounds per square foot, centimeters of water, cups, tablespoons, teaspoons, SI version of data measures. Added landscape mode. Added languages: Serbian, Croatian. Improved languages: Russian, German, Romanian, Hungarian. Imp [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: Digital & Dreams Released At: 2013-08-15
color for 2.4 and 5 GHz network graphs. • Improved behavior when inSSIDer is not the foreground app. • Improved user interface for both phones and tablets. • Application automatically selects currently associated network for optimization. • Maintains persistent details for the network being optimize [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: MetaGeek LLC Released At: 2013-08-15
Mods For PE 2
Mods For PE 2 Use BlockLauncher or PocketTool Mods Downloader App Minecraft PE Mod Add PE Scripts Many Epic Mods In This App! Recent changes: 1.3.62 - Fix Bugs [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: Simple App Developer Released At: 2013-08-15
MoreLocale 2
device. MoreLocale 2 could get the permission automatically. You can select more locales via this app. If your locale doesn't appear, please use custom locale function in menu. Recent changes: The 4.2 Jelly Bean is now provisionally supported. * You should use 'pm' command. * Execute as SuperUser (rooted only) [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: C-LIS Crazy Lab. Released At: 2013-08-15
Quick Boot (Reboot)
your device, or boot your device into recovery or bootloader mode. Create shortcuts / widgets on your home screen to boot with one click. Recent changes: - Holo UI for Android 4.0+. Support the developers by purchasing Quick Boot Plus, which includes hot boot and a Locale / Tasker plugin. [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: Sirius Applications Limited Released At: 2013-08-15
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