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MultiLing Keyboard
MultiLing Keyboard
嘸蝦米輸入法 Boshiamy IME 2.4.01
嘸蝦米輸入法 Boshiamy IME 2.4.01
VIVA  GO Locker Theme
VIVA GO Locker Theme
Google Goggles
Google Goggles
Alarm Clock Xtreme Free
Alarm Clock Xtreme Free
زخرفة النصوص والبرودكاست
زخرفة النصوص والبرودكاست
iOS7 Clock Widget Pack Free 1.0
iOS7 Clock Widget Pack Free 1.0
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Clean Master (Cleaner) - FREE
the SD card as well as delete preinstalled bloatware.[Widget] - Memory Booster Widget,Now a memory booster widget comes along with 3.5.0 version and above. Touch the desktop with a long hold until a window appears, from this window scroll down to Clean Master Widget and touch. Facebook: [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: KS+Mobile Released At: 2013-08-15
The Movie Database
Description This is an android front-end to"The Movie Database is a free and open movie database. It's completely user driven by people like you."Find movies, view cast/filmography info, trailers & moreThe developer is not affiliated with bugs can be sent to my e [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: Savvas+Dalkitsis Released At: 2013-07-25
Dragonball Database
any comments or problems please send me an e-mail with detailed information on the problem or suggestion you have.This app is an easily accessible reference/list of all information for your use on the go.I would love to hear anything I could do to help improve the app though. Enjoy. [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: HLAB+Studios Released At: 2013-07-25
Refueling database
Canada, Germany, Austria,, Switzerland and Liechtenstein:, Find nearest gas stations, Navigate to nearest gas stations, This feature requires permisssion for GPS!Permissions:,o permission "billing" is required for future versions without adsKeywords:,[fuel, refueling, refuelings, mileage, mile, km, liters, ga [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: Harnisch+Ges.m.b.H. Released At: 2013-07-25
Panacea Database
want more features, e-mail us and suggest which ones to work on first.Panacea Database makes use of the LGPL license Jackcess library which is under the Lesser Gnu Public License. It also makes use of the Apache commons-land, commons-logging and log4j libraries, which are under the Apache 2.0 license. [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: Panacea+Supplies Released At: 2013-07-25
Gear, GameCube, iPhone, Jaguar, Lynx, Macintosh, Master System, Mega Drive / Sega Genesis, Neo Geo, Neo Geo Pocket, NES, N-Gage, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, PC, PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita, Sega Saturn, SNES, Virtual Boy, Wii, Wii U, Wonderswan, Xbox, [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: E-Nature Released At: 2013-07-25
Honda Database
Description Offline Honda Automotive Database,- A-, B-, C-, D-, F-, G-, H-, J-, K-, L-, N-, R-Series Engine Specifications,- OBD0/OBD1/OBD2 ECU Fault Codes,- Transmission Specifications,- ECU List,- Bearing thickness chart,- ECU pinouts [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: Peter+Linszter Released At: 2013-07-25
PICmicro Database
with the program ElectroDroid which can be downloaded for free from the Android Market. Get ElectroDroid "Donate" to remove ads.,PIC® Microcontrollers (MCUs) and dsPIC® Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) are registered trademark of Microchip Technology Inc. This application is not related or affiliated in any [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: Iero Released At: 2013-07-25
Meme DataBase
You can make your own and upload them so everyone can have fun.,Manage your favourites Memes to see then when you prefer and you can share them with your friends.,With frequent updates, every week you will have new Memes to read and laugh.,Works offline, so you can LOL everywhere. [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: danup Released At: 2013-07-25
Simple DataBase App
accessible to all users.,It is an ideal application both for professional and personal use. Managed from this simple, but effective, application products, customers, categories, etc ...Whether you write the list of the super market to keep track of products for your business, Simple DataBase App is what you need.Langua [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: Luis+Vald%C3%A9s+Franc%C3%A9s Released At: 2013-07-25
QRouting DataBase Loader
it is about 12 MB size.,To use this data base you need to download QRouting from the Android Market.,QRouting is a very usefull aviation tool. Please, for more details visit:www.qrouting.comInstead of downloading this program you can download the database from and copy it manually to the SD Card [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: QRouting+Software Released At: 2013-07-25
Description DATABASICS Time and Expense Enterprise Mobile App. This app will require you to provide your registered corporate email address with DATABASICS to activate the App. [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: DATABASICS Released At: 2013-07-17
randomly,* Play offline,* Unlimited Play,* No advertisements,* No registration necessary,* No device permissions requiredThis content is released under the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License available at: free, trivia, game, quiz, test, prep, certifica [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: m.r.androids Released At: 2013-07-17
Quickoffice Pro (Office & PDF)
spreadsheet, presentation, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, file manager, Dropbox, Box, Google Docs, Huddle, SugarSync, viewer, editor, notepad, zip files, manage files, cloud, remote access, Quick Office, Quickoffice, Free, word processing, productivity, business, workbook, smartphone, Velocity, C800, i940, Incredible, D [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: Quickoffice Released At: 2013-07-17
Documents To Go 3.0 Main App
Excel files on your Android phone without any desktop or server conversion needed. ,•Nothing new to learn. Documents To Go was designed & developed with the Android device user in mind - everything from the menus to the touchscreen to trackball is supported for a familiar look and feel. [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: DataViz,+Inc. Released At: 2013-07-17
OnLive Desktop
the Acer Iconia Tab A500, ASUS Eee Pad Transformer, HTC EVO View, HTC Flyer, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Note, Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Sony Tablet S, Toshiba Thrive.Sign up for free at using OnLive Desktop at your company? Just install OnLive Desktop and sign in! [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: OnLive Released At: 2013-07-17
Sailforms Forms Database
Custom List Reporting and Sorting,• List Totaling and Subtotaling,• Organize Forms into Groups,• Password Secure Groups,• Portrait and Landscape Layout,• Sample Forms IncludedGrocery list, ToDo List, Tasks, Projects list, Gifts, Pets, Cars, Recipe form, Contacts, form Time Card, Gas Mileage, Profit loss and Passwords L [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: Sailforms Released At: 2013-07-17
MySQL Database Client
menu.,Export results to a CSV file for viewing in spreadsheet software,User Interface includes Horizontal Scrolling.,Supports both Landscape and Portrait Mode.To connect remotely to a database, you must create a database and enable direct database access.Example Connection URL: host:port/databasekeywords: mysql , my sq [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: Akebulan+Enterprises+LLC Released At: 2013-07-17
Memento Database
perfectly comprehensive personal database management solution for everyone. Check it out now!Visit forum at,Like us on Facebook at,Follow us on Twitter at database, inventory, lists, collections, notes, todo, [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: LuckyDroid Released At: 2013-07-17
Cellica Database (Internet)
data synchronization in both direction.,4. No need of internet on device.,Internet version allows to synchronize data from any where.,Wi-Fi version supports synchronization of data only in local Wi-Fi area. Wi-Fi only version is not compatible with the Internet version in terms of Syncing. ,For Wifi Only version,http:/ [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: Cellica+Corporation Released At: 2013-07-17
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