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MultiLing Keyboard
MultiLing Keyboard
嘸蝦米輸入法 Boshiamy IME 2.4.01
嘸蝦米輸入法 Boshiamy IME 2.4.01
VIVA  GO Locker Theme
VIVA GO Locker Theme
Google Goggles
Google Goggles
Alarm Clock Xtreme Free
Alarm Clock Xtreme Free
زخرفة النصوص والبرودكاست
زخرفة النصوص والبرودكاست
iOS7 Clock Widget Pack Free 1.0
iOS7 Clock Widget Pack Free 1.0
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Proximity Lock(Cover Lock)
Description Lock and unlock by the Proximity Sensor.If you use a cell phone case cover, - When the cover is closed, the screen is locked.,  - The cover is opened, the screen is lit.Or put it in your pocket and lockAnyone can easily use without complex settings. [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: SujinKim Released At: 2013-07-25
SR Lock(application Lock)
the removal of the application,- The functions to set wallpaper is on the lock screen,- You can change the setting function if you forget your password.,- Pattern-hide FunctionTAG : app lock, app locker, applock, applocker, app protector, appprotector, lock, safe, password, pattern, privacy, rotation, app manager, secu [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: SRInc Released At: 2013-07-25
Lock - HmmLock
Description iPhone-style screen lock.,4 different images are rotating.,Provide an editional Home screen to prevent the unlock from Home-key pressed.,Enable to set up specific applications to keep unlocking the screen while the app is running.,Keep working in the case of the system rebooted. [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: jeong-jun+Seo Released At: 2013-07-25
Locked In
Locked In isn't just for privacy.,Maybe you have a spare tablet that you want to use as a picture viewer only. Lock into the gallery app to make sure it can only be used as a picture viewer.,Or maybe a music player.,Or a calendar.,Or...Lots of possibilities, lots of potential. [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: DevJackey Released At: 2013-07-25
to LOCK IT and lock as many of your Apps as you choose, or, lock them all!Once locked with LOCK IT your Apps cannot be accessed without entering your unique 4 digit passwordPut an end to having your private Apps accessed via your phone, lock them with LOCK IT [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: JBH Released At: 2013-07-25
Lock ON
Description This small utility is used to lock the screen in a single touch. [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: Covano Released At: 2013-07-25
App Defender (App Lock)
can set a passcode for each application.When a wrong passcode is entered three times, it shows you the number of input so you can see that someone attempts to release the lock of your phone.#homepage, if you want to set strict guard below.,- Set,- Markets,- Ap [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: Released At: 2013-07-25
Easy App Lock
done just by a click without opening the app!※Note:You will be unable to access the app in 3 minutes if you enter password wrong for 3 times.If you have any suggestion or expectation, please let us know by sending it via the following address. Thank you for your support! [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: TACOTY+JP+adc Released At: 2013-07-25
Gallery Lock (Hide pictures)
properly.# Please send an email for any questions that you have. The developer of the app does not have authorization to reply to comments here., (KW:photo valut,video valut,photovault,videovault,image lock,photo lock,image safe,photo safe,protector,stealth,hide photo,kii,stock,Keep Safe,kii safe,hide video,hide pictur [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: Morrison+Software. Released At: 2013-07-25
Screen Off and Lock
who cannot see the screen off animation even the app is reinstalled, please follow the procedures below:,Android 4.x: Go to "Setting > Developer options > Transition animation", and then select 1x for this option.,Android 2.x, Make sure you selected the option "All animations" under "Sett [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: Katecca Released At: 2013-07-17
APP Lock
to support your language.,Tag : lock, locker, applock, app lock, app protector, safe, password, pattern, privacy, app manager, security, seal, gallery lock, sms lock, message lock, pic lock, picture lock, video lock, vault, secure, privacy, smart app protector, smart appLock, facebook lock, whatsap [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: DoMobile+Lab Released At: 2013-07-17
GO Locker
plenty of unlocking style, iphone style, android style and other styles beyond your imagination,- Easily customizable lockscreen to make it personal■ Contact,Feel free to contact us if you have any problems or suggestions.,E-mail:,Use of this app is governed by our Terms of Service: http://w [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: GO+Launcher+EX Released At: 2013-07-17
WidgetLocker Lockscreen
on apps/sliders via TeslaUnread ( ),- Customize which widgets/buttons are allowed or blocked at the lock screenPortions of WidgetLocker are based on the excellent ADW.Launcher ( ) by Ander Webb and friends.For download issues or [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: TeslaCoil+Software Released At: 2013-07-17
No Lock
lock screen. Press the unlock/menu button just once and the screen turns on immediately.Especially useful for the Nexus One if you don't like to have to 'slide' to unlock.Disclaimer:,On certain phones, this app doesn't work - I am very sorry about that but there is nothing I can do! [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: BoD Released At: 2013-07-17
Smart App Protector(App Lock)
also can lock your data such as pictures, SMS messages, and videos.■ tag : app lock, app locker, app protector, password, pattern, pin, gesture, screen lock, rotation lock, app manager, safe, security, secure, sms lock, message lock, whatsapp lock, gallery lock, image lock, picture lock, photo lock, video lock [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: SpSoft Released At: 2013-07-17
LockPattern OnOff
Description LockPattern OnOff is a simple widget (1×1), which allows you quickly activate a lock screen pattern.RE ADD WIDGET AFTER UPDATE!!!API on 2.2 is closed now!IF YOUR PATTERN IS EMPTY:,To setup or change patten: Setings->Security&location->Change unclock pattern [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: CurveFish Released At: 2013-07-17
Toddler Lock
colorful graphics and soothing sounds to keep your kids entertained without having to worry about them making calls or starting other apps. Teach your child shapes and colors. Optionally enables airplane mode while application is active, so as to not irradiate your little darling.,Also lots of fun for adults! [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: Marco+Nelissen Released At: 2013-07-17
App Protector Pro [App Lock]
Go to setting->security->device admin and uncheck App Protector,2. remove this app normallyContact DEV on our website or forum for customer support on App ProtectorEnterprise Version and other MDM solutions available. Contact Sales Plz!keyword: protector, app protector, app lock, applock, app locking, app protect [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: Clutch+Mobile,+Inc. Released At: 2013-07-17
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