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MultiLing Keyboard
MultiLing Keyboard
嘸蝦米輸入法 Boshiamy IME 2.4.01
嘸蝦米輸入法 Boshiamy IME 2.4.01
VIVA  GO Locker Theme
VIVA GO Locker Theme
Google Goggles
Google Goggles
Alarm Clock Xtreme Free
Alarm Clock Xtreme Free
زخرفة النصوص والبرودكاست
زخرفة النصوص والبرودكاست
iOS7 Clock Widget Pack Free 1.0
iOS7 Clock Widget Pack Free 1.0
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Reverse Tether
manufacturer, your carrier's restrictions, your device's configuration or whatnot. Please consider first trying the TRIAL edition (also available on Market), before purchasing or leaving a bad review. And please discard negative reviews from users whose devices are limited in such a way and don't bother to [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: Littlelan Released At: 2013-07-25
Tether Shortcut
application which only opens tether settings window.,You can open tether setting window with only one tap if you put a shortcut of this application to your Home application.,This application will works on following phone, and maybe other phones which support tethering...,* SEMC Xperia arc (docomo SO-01C / Android 2.3.4 [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: OSAMU+SATO Released At: 2013-07-25
menu-->Applications-->Development-->USB debugging,**NOTE: Please hit "menu" to get help first before using the app***If you have any question or problem when configuring FreeTethering please email me at before you post negative comment directly. I'll help you to make it work f [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: Guardam Released At: 2013-07-25
tether Wifi
Description This app only works with phones that have root/super user access. This app tethers your cell phone internet (3g, edge) connection to your PC. The connection between your phone and PC is over wifi. Visit the website before installing!-MAC Filtering,-DHCP Settings,-Clients List,-change SSIDContact me with an [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: moussa Released At: 2013-07-25
using the app**Update:PC Client of AndroidTethering published, you can download it from***If you have any question or problem when configuring AndroidTethering please email me at before you post negative comment directly. I'll help you to make it work for you. Thank you very muc [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: Guardam Released At: 2013-07-25
Wifi Tether
Description This app is no longer supported.Please download our other free app 'Easy Wifi Tether' which brings back support for the Galaxy Nexus and other device's that didn't work with the new updates released on Wifi Tether.Download Easy Wifi Tether from link below [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: Potente+Mobile+Apps Released At: 2013-07-25
Tethering Shortcut
Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab.** This application is a just ONLY shortcut menu. If your device DOES NOT SUPPORT Mobile AP (Wi-Fi hotspot) and USB tethering, the menu DOES NOT WORK.,** SC-02B, SC-01C: Mobile AP and USB tethering is disabled by default.,** Please use tethering function at your own risk. [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: KABASOFT Released At: 2013-07-25
Tethering Widget
to have my widget working. Please read tutorial before installing. , Some devices require password. Please follow this link:, it might help.4. Again, this is Widget which helps use Tethering, not featuring your phone with it.5. Please donate some money to continue developmen [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: Hi-Develop Released At: 2013-07-25
USB Tethering /Tether
for the tether service. But some carriers won't do it. Please ask the call center of your wireless operator if you have this issue.*Please note: before using this app, please make sure that your notebook/netbook has installed the USB driver first. You may read from Android's official site: [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: InnodroApps Released At: 2013-07-25
game that truly conforms to your own play style. The higher the difficulty, the greater the reward.Tether is an action arcade game that sees the player control two nodes connected by a tether. To destroy enemies, the player must hit them with the tether while avoiding being hit themselves. [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: Node2 Released At: 2013-07-18
menu-->Applications-->Development-->USB debugging,**NOTE: Please hit "menu" to get help first before using the app***If you have any question or problem when configuring Tethering please email me at before you post negative comment directly. I'll help you to make it work for y [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: Guardam Released At: 2013-07-18
WiFi Tethering
Wii, Xbox. No tether fees.You can also install that application directly from our link: root access on the device! See here for more details:, or check out our new app, which does not require root access: [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: OpenGarden,+Inc. Released At: 2013-07-18
FoxFi (WiFi Tether w/o Root)
sure you rename the hotspot also before activating.,6. Sometimes Windows need a "repair" on the WiFi menu to get a correct IP address.,7. If you install the FoxFi AddOn app, you will also be able to hide tether usage by setting a proxy server address in the computer browser. [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: FoxFi+Software Released At: 2013-07-18
Easy Tether
X or Linux computers and Android 4.x tablets.It supports Bluetooth tethering for Android 4.x tablets only.It does not require root access or special tethering plans.It supports PS3, Xbox and Wii tethering by means of Internet connection sharing feature on Windows or Mac.One-time fee only.Remove other EasyTether version [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: Mobile+Stream Released At: 2013-07-18
Tether for Android
been stuck in an airport, hotel room, coffee shop, or on the road with no Internet? Frustrated paying $9.95 for 30 minutes of internet service? Resorting to your Android but wished you could use your laptop?Tether shares the internet from your Android smartphone directly to your laptop or desktop. [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: Tether Released At: 2013-07-18
Barnacle Wifi Tether
Description Turn your phone into a Wireless Ad-hoc HotSpotShare your 3G with Windows, Mac/iPod/iPad, Linux, XboxRequires __ROOT__ accessBarnacle is unlimited, free and open source. If you like it, please donate by getting Barnacle Widget!See website for FAQ, supported hardware, troubleshooting. [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: Released At: 2013-07-18
or tablets. PdaNet+ supports USB, Bluetooth and WiFi. USB mode works for all Android phones. FoxFi/WiFi mode only works on some phones. Please see the supported list at edition of PdaNet+ will require you to turn back on after some usage, otherwise it is same as full version. [Detail]
Posted In: Tools Developer: June+Fabrics+Technology+Inc. Released At: 2013-07-18
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