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قصص جنسية مثيرة 2.0
قصص جنسية مثيرة 2.0
اروع القصص الجنسية 1.1
اروع القصص الجنسية 1.1
قصص جنسية مثيرة
قصص جنسية مثيرة
Top 10 Female Erogenous Zones! 1.0
Top 10 Female Erogenous Zones! 1.0
قصص جنسية حقيقية للكبار فقط 1.0
قصص جنسية حقيقية للكبار فقط 1.0
Kannadasan Poems 1.1
Kannadasan Poems 1.1 dictionaries 1.7 dictionaries 1.7
Livres gratuits en français
Livres gratuits en français
えろ本読み放題アプリ『おなこみっく』 1.0.0
えろ本読み放題アプリ『おなこみっく』 1.0.0
Dictionnaire Anglais - Offline
Dictionnaire Anglais - Offline
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Our Daily Bread
produced and distributed worldwide by RBC Ministries offices around the globe.Features:,Links to related Bible passages,Downloads and pre-caches the ODB devotional up to 30 days in advance,Browse archived articles or jump straight to today.,Streaming audio version of devotional over Internet connection,Adjustable font [Detail]
Posted In: Books Developer: RBC+Ministries Released At: 2013-08-29
Aldiko Book Reader Premium
Svenska.Differences between the Aldiko Book Reader Premium and the Aldiko Book Reader Free are: the Aldiko Book Reader Premium has highlights, notes and home widget features, gets faster update and does not contain advertisements.Aldiko Book Reader Premium works on Android phones and tablets with Android version 2.2 or [Detail]
Posted In: Books Developer: Aldiko+Limited Released At: 2013-08-29 Premium
as I write a lot of papers. The synonym feature is great way to expand your vocabulary. The whole family enjoys it!” – Jacquita E .“This app has made life in my law class so much easier. I'm able to understand the legal definitions provided. Much needed.”- Stanley O. [Detail]
Posted In: Books Developer:,+LLC Released At: 2013-08-29
Moon+ Reader Pro (50% OFF)
ebook reader, pdf reader, ebook speech, pdf annotate form, epub, mobi, pdf, rar, moon reader pro, ibook, stanza, kindle, nook color, aldiko HD, kobo, comics, comic reader, cbz reader-About GET_ACCOUNTS permission: used for Google Drive function only,-About READ_PHONE_STATE permission: used to stop TTS when there is a c [Detail]
Posted In: Books Developer: Moon%2B Released At: 2013-08-29
& FINANCE,Stock Data,Indices,Mutual Funds,Futures,Mortgages,Present Value,Currency Conversion,Tips,Bonds,Derivatives Valuation,Wages,Sales Tax SOCIOECONOMIC DATA,Demographics,Countries,US States,US Counties,Cities,Economics,Agriculture,Energy,Salaries,Unemployment,Cost of Living,Health Care,Housing,Social Statistic [Detail]
Posted In: Books Developer: Wolfram+Alpha,+LLC Released At: 2013-08-29
Emulators for Droid
- Nintendo 64 (N64) - Playstation One (PSX) - MAME Check it out. This app has App2SD Support keywords - nintendo, sega, gameboy, mario, sonic, aladdin, psx, mame, console, n64, alex the kid, mario kart, super mario bros, Recent changes: -Bugfixes - NOW INCLUDES A LINK TO REMOVE ALL ADS! [Detail]
Posted In: Books Developer: Mantis Apps Released At: 2013-08-28
Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, and Swedish. The differences of CamDictionary Free version from the full version include: 1. Text-to-Speech is not available in free version. 2. Free version contains advertisements. 3. Free version has the “Trial” mark. Recent changes: 1.bugfixes 2.remove [Detail]
Posted In: Books Developer: IntSig Released At: 2013-08-28
Spellbook - D&D 3.5
is anonymous and used only to improve the app. This app uses in-app billing. # Dungeons and Dragons RPG d20 Recent changes: Fix for in app purchases. If you didn't see your gold show up, return to the store and it will check for it again. Fixed store on tablets. [Detail]
Posted In: Books Developer: Shaking Earth Digital Released At: 2013-08-28
Cargo Decoder
it might be. * Access to both ERG2012 and ERG2008 reference pages. Users who are not yet supporters can also use Plus features but will be periodically asked to consider become a Cargo Decoder supporter. Recent changes: Reduced application size, minor performance improvements, and improved ERG table of contents display [Detail]
Posted In: Books Developer: Strategies In Software Released At: 2013-08-28
CrPC-Code of Criminal Procedur
.Added Search Screen .Search State Saved even when app is closed .Result Count added in search Screen .Clear and Cancel Buttons added in search Screen .Added Share Option for Sections .Added Share Options .Volume Up/Down to scroll through Sections .App ships with the Database. No Internet Connection Needed. Completely [Detail]
Posted In: Books Developer: Ashok Felix Released At: 2013-08-28
ePrex Liturgia delle Ore
1.10.1 - Correzione di alcuni testi 1.10 + Modalità notturna + Visualizzazione Gloria alla fine dei salmi + Reintrodotto la modalità Lodi+letture dell'Ufficio + Conservazione Zoom + Modalità Zoom semplice senza riadattamento testo * Miglioramento dimensione casella titolo del giorno * Mantenimento [Detail]
Posted In: Books Developer: Marco Del Pin Released At: 2013-08-28
video multimedia ePub ebook; 4. Provide many topics, including day and night mode switch, protect your eyes health. 5. Complete visual options, adjustable line spacing, font scale, font alignment has in any case screen switch Tags: iBooks, ePub, CHM, UMD, PDF, XPS, DjVu Recent changes: 1. fix some crash bugs. [Detail]
Posted In: Books Developer: achellies Released At: 2013-08-28
Quick Bible (KJV and more)
New neater app theme – Selecting verses will immediately open the verse menu – Less space-consuming navigation bars – Sorting of book names is not disturbed by number prefixes – View two Bible versions at the same time – Modify text appearance with real-time preview – Many new Bible [Detail]
Posted In: Books Developer: Yuku Released At: 2013-08-28
Kanji Recognizer
stroke animation speed * Automatic settings backup/restore * UI improvements * Bug fixes v2.3 * Nexus 7 support * Save quiz configuration * Added 100 kanji quiz option * Updated Dutch translation v2.2.x * Added quiz training mode * UI improvements * Improved sharing * Split action bar for history/favorites [Detail]
Posted In: Books Developer: Nikolay Elenkov Released At: 2013-08-28
Russian Translator
sentences and words ★ Reads loudly after translation ★ Voice recognition ★ Sends translation as SMS or email (tab on translation to active it) Interent access is required. Please email me if you want to add any features or find something which doesn't work Recent changes: - improved search results [Detail]
Posted In: Books Developer: Pleng Apps Released At: 2013-08-28
Dictionary Czech English Free
Recent changes: - Added real tablet support - Added possibility to configure list, grid or mixed layout on tablets in portrait and landscape modes - Fixed several minor issues - Moved Settings and Info to the side menu from options menu - Added different sorting options to Recents and Favourites [Detail]
Posted In: Books Developer: BitKnights Ltd Released At: 2013-08-28
GChord  (Guitar Chord Finder)
diagrams. Each chord shows four registered patterns, which are selected as most simple and useful. Please understand that unregistered diagrams cannot be searched. The app supports left handed. This is a free version. Three versions of the GChord. GChord (Free) GChord (ad-free) GChord2 (multi-function) Recent changes: [Detail]
Posted In: Books Developer: Asoft Released At: 2013-08-28
ROBLOX Quick Access
access to your favorite parts of ROBLOX with a single click! Not only can you quickly visit ROBLOX, but you can also quickly access the Mobile ROBLOX Site! Note: I cannot add games to this app because it is not an official ROBLOX application. Recent changes: -V1 • Initial Release [Detail]
Posted In: Books Developer: pwnedu46 Released At: 2013-08-28
the community safe and informed. Recent changes: - Facebook/Twitter links added - Child Support run-time error fix - Better scrolling functionality added on Offender detail page - Enhanced header images - Attorney and Bail Bonds record sorting added - State and Agency alphabetized sorting added - various other bug fixe [Detail]
Posted In: Books Developer: Appriss, Inc. Released At: 2013-08-28
B-Rhymes Dictionary
to try long pressing a word. If you're having issues please upgrade! B-Rhymes is a rhyming dictionary that's not stuck up about what does and doesn't rhyme. It gives you words that sound good together even though they don't technically rhyme as well as regular rhymes. Recent changes: Fixed Search. [Detail]
Posted In: Books Developer: Michael Lin Released At: 2013-08-28
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