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SIM Card Info 1.1
SIM Card Info 1.1
Roo: Any Phone Call Recorder. 0.2-beta
Roo: Any Phone Call Recorder. 0.2-beta
Dirty Emoji
Dirty Emoji
Hangeulider - Korean Keyboard 1.0.0
Hangeulider - Korean Keyboard 1.0.0
InstaFontMaker Font Maker Free
InstaFontMaker Font Maker Free
Emoji World Smileys & Emoji
Emoji World Smileys & Emoji
Vikideo Regarder Film Gratuit
Vikideo Regarder Film Gratuit
베트남 VIETNAM  BANGLADESH 무료국제전화 1.1
경기챗 (즐톡, 랜덤채팅, 돛단배, 무료채팅) 1.6
경기챗 (즐톡, 랜덤채팅, 돛단배, 무료채팅) 1.6
Zoosk-l'appli de Rencontre n°1
Zoosk-l'appli de Rencontre n°1
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Orange et moi
Voir fiche tarifaire en vigueur. - Coûts : le téléchargement et la navigation dans l'application sont gratuits en France métropolitaine et à l'étranger (à l'exception de la rubrique "nous trouver" dans l'assistance), quelle que soit l'offre Orange détenue. - Configuration requise : télépho [Detail]
Posted In: Communications Developer: Orange+SA Released At: 2013-09-07
AntiVirus Security - FREE
RU, AR, IT, PL, CS, NL, HI and HEFor the latest mobile security updates:,Join our Google+ community:,Join our Facebook community:,Follow us on Twitter:® is a trademark of Google, Inc., registered in the USA and in other c [Detail]
Posted In: Communications Developer: AVG+Mobile Released At: 2013-08-05
Titanium Media Sync
features (by file type, size, etc).Supports 2 different sync modes (both are one-way):,• Continuous sync from Local to Remote.,• One-shot sync from Remote to Local.Compatible with all Android versions (1.5 and up).Limitations:,• Dropbox restricts uploads to 300MB per file: more informat [Detail]
Posted In: Communications Developer: Titanium+Track Released At: 2013-08-05
giffgaffAPN 1.7.0
What is giffgaffAPN 1.7.0? IME based fast cut&paste mode. Much faster than the notification version, setup of the input helper is a little unreliable and may need multiple attempts.,UI tweaks to work better on recent Android versions (with minor breakage),,1.6.10,fixed the idiotic error that stopped cut&paste mode actu [Detail]
Posted In: Communications Developer: Paul Shirley Released At: 2013-07-27
Mangler 1.0.3
What is Mangler 1.0.3? screen,* Fixed crashes when the service is killed,,1.0.2,* Transmission problems with Samsung devices are now resolved. If you're still having problems, please post on our forums,* Automatically set PTT toggle if using a wired headset mic button as a PTT key.,,1.0.1,* Added phantom support by use [Detail]
Posted In: Communications Developer: Released At: 2013-07-27
Android Usenet Reader (DEMO) 1.21.6
What is Android Usenet Reader (DEMO) 1.21.6? cannot post attachment in some news server,,Version 1.21.5 (2013-05-03),- further improve fetching message speed,- improve post message speed,- reduce memory footprint when fetching message with large attachment,- remove footprint function,- remove access camera permission a [Detail]
Posted In: Communications Developer: Ken Tsang Released At: 2013-07-27
Groupboard 3.2.9
What is Groupboard 3.2.9? your board id (name, password and board_width/height are optional),,TROUBLESHOOTING,,If you get errors connecting to the server, you may have a firewall blocking the connection. Groupboard uses TCP/IP ports 41211 and 6144-6163. Alternatively you can enable firewall tunnelling in the "Connect" [Detail]
Posted In: Communications Developer: Released At: 2013-07-27
Maxis Hotlink 1.0
What is Maxis Hotlink 1.0? Maxis Hotlink balance, reload credit, access voice mail, international roaming guide, get support via Hotline.,,Absolutely free! By Malaysian for Malaysian!,,Content rating: Everyone Use this app to check Maxis Hotlink balance, reload credit, access voice mail, international roaming guide, ge [Detail]
Posted In: Communications Developer: David Hii Released At: 2013-07-27
fIRC chat 0.2.12
What is fIRC chat 0.2.12? bug.,,Content rating: High Maturity fIRC chat is a free IRC client (BETA!),Changelog @,,If you (TMO USA) experience trouble connecting to the server, please use or check for more servers,,Fixed: onscreen kb layout f [Detail]
Posted In: Communications Developer: Laurence Muller Released At: 2013-07-27
TNET International callings 0.84
What is TNET International callings 0.84? which a free international call can be placed is subject to change monthly. The list of countries can be viewed under the "Free Call" tab located on the home screen of T-NET App.,,4) The fee-based international call service is not currently available, but will be very soon.,,Co [Detail]
Posted In: Communications Developer: SK브로드밴드 고품질 국제전화 서비스 Released At: 2013-07-27
Connect Cat 0.2
What is Connect Cat 0.2? changes:,bug fixies,,Content rating: High Maturity A Netcat like applilication.,Connect to host and send anything.,,Feature:,- send data interactively,- send data from the file on the strage,- line separator can be specified,- charactercode can be specified,,* You need OI FileManager to send a [Detail]
Posted In: Communications Developer: teru_kusu Released At: 2013-07-27
Phone Spell FREE 1.04
What is Phone Spell FREE 1.04? millions of possible combinations and show you only the words that can be remembered easily. ,,Vanity phone numbers are highly sought after. If you have a phone number that spells something interesting, it may be very valuable to a company that wants that number.,,Recent changes:,Support [Detail]
Posted In: Communications Developer: Released At: 2013-07-27
IP Location Finder 1.0.0
What is IP Location Finder 1.0.0? just for references,,Content rating: Everyone Find your or some geographical location from an IP Address. when you log on Internet, your computer will get a unique ip address. If you get someone's IP address, you can find where his location is.,,PS:All the information are just for refe [Detail]
Posted In: Communications Developer: pcschoolleo Released At: 2013-07-27
SecretSheep Lite - hide ID 1.273
What is SecretSheep Lite - hide ID 1.273? incognito, withheld, hide my id, conceal, hide caller ID, hiding ID, undercover, oppress, suppressing ID, group, contact, people, restrict, block, manage business-calls, call confirm, hide phone number, hide my id, call confirm,,Recent changes:,1.273:,* Bugfix: dialing with a B [Detail]
Posted In: Communications Developer: Released At: 2013-07-27
Persian Browser 1.2
What is Persian Browser 1.2? Persian(Farsi)/Arabic compatible browser based on Android's default web browser. ,Application will fix page after it loaded. Up to three bookmark supported. Not suitable to replace default browser. Please note that this is a temporary app until Google fully support Persian/Arabic languages. [Detail]
Posted In: Communications Developer: Mehdy Bohlool Released At: 2013-07-27
QuickTouch Text Messaging 1.4.158
What is QuickTouch Text Messaging 1.4.158? Messages ,*Privacy Preview of Text Message Contents on Notification,*Fastest Access to New Texting App Messages on Notification.,*Controllable Conversation Background Color for Texting App,*Control Showing Contact Name on Notification of Text Messages,*Control Showing Text Con [Detail]
Posted In: Communications Developer: ThumbFly Technologies, LLC Released At: 2013-07-27
NQ Mobile Security for RU
What is NQ Mobile Security for RU приложениями: Norton, Lookout, AVG, ALYac, Dr.Web, Antivirus Free, Trend Micro, Mcafee, Kaspersky, F-secure.,,Для поиска приложений от NQ Mobile можно попробовать использовать ключевые слова: Security, Mobile Security, NQ Mobile Security, Antivirus, антивирус, мобильный анти [Detail]
Posted In: Communications Developer: NQ Mobile Inc. Released At: 2013-07-27
25000+ SMS Template Collection 1.4
What is 25000+ SMS Template Collection 1.4? lover, relatives, friends and family!!,,Features,1) Cool Blue Theme for soothing your eyes.,2) Easy to search SMS using the Search/Filter option in the category and sms list pages.,3) swipe gestures to brows through the SMS.,4) Completely free,5),,Recent changes:,Updated New [Detail]
Posted In: Communications Developer: Android Tech Released At: 2013-07-27
MyanBrowser 1.7
What is MyanBrowser 1.7? from/to SD card;,- Search from url bar;,- Plugins support (Flash);,- Support most of the Myanmar website.,- Best Myanmar browser experience for Android 4.0 and above,,For bugs report, you can email me at:,,,> ,(All browser features are from Tint Browser),,Recent changes:,M [Detail]
Posted In: Communications Developer: KMTech Released At: 2013-07-27
myChatDroid for Facebook Chat 4.4.5
What is myChatDroid for Facebook Chat 4.4.5? a fan of myChatDroid to follow all updates:,,----------------------------,,THIS IS THE APP FORMERLY KNOWN AS FBChatDroid!,,Recent changes:,# 4.4.5 (21/6/2013),Fixed bug that caused an "invalid app id" error while logging in for the first t [Detail]
Posted In: Communications Developer: Bruno Mendola Released At: 2013-07-27
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