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เรื่องเสียว 1000 เรื่อง 1.14
เรื่องเสียว 1000 เรื่อง 1.14
How to draw wild animals 1.0
How to draw wild animals 1.0
Blackboard Mobile™ Learn
Blackboard Mobile™ Learn
Rate My Breasts 0.16.13121.98421
Rate My Breasts 0.16.13121.98421
how to draw food 1.0
how to draw food 1.0
Ramadan : Everyday Dua 1.0
Ramadan : Everyday Dua 1.0
Bob Zoom (Itsy Bitsy Spider) 1.1
Bob Zoom (Itsy Bitsy Spider) 1.1
Carnet de bord enseignant
Carnet de bord enseignant
Vroomiz Hangul Racing 1.0
Vroomiz Hangul Racing 1.0
Comment dessiner: Célébrités
Comment dessiner: Célébrités
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Dr. Panda : Apprends moi!
êtes intéressé par la façon dont nous avons conçu cette application en collaboration avec les enfants, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter à tout moment. Il suffit de déposer un courriel à ou nous contacter via Twitter /drpandagamesKEYWORDSMaternelle, préscolaire, éducatif, enfan [Detail]
Posted In: Education Developer: TribePlay Released At: 2013-09-07
Kids ABC Letters
sure your phone is logged into Google Talk. Redownload the app. IF STILL UNSUCCESSFUL:, ✔ Restart your phone. Make sure there is connectivity. Redownload the app. IF STILL UNSUCCESSFUL:, ✔ Choose "Clear Data" (in Settings/Manage Applications/Running/Market). Redownload the app.Keywords: Kids, ABC, ABCs, Lette [Detail]
Posted In: Education Developer: intellijoy Released At: 2013-08-23
Description Find your dream job!Jobs+ searches the largest online jobs databases and delivers local job listings to your phone or tablet. Find and apply for positions that match your career goals and get valuable tips on creating the perfect resume. [Detail]
Posted In: Education Developer: Mobile+Resources,+Inc. Released At: 2013-08-05
SP Engineering Show 1.3
What is SP Engineering Show 1.3? SEEE,Sing Mong Nguang, SEEE,Wong Chee Yong, SEEE,Danny Quek, SEEE,Seow Boon Chor, SEEE,Christopher Tan, DMIT,Loh Gin Chye, CIS,Ramana Rao, CIS,Sean Goh, CCOM,,Email:,,Website:,,QR code Scanner provided by ZBar SDK for iOS and ZXing SDK for [Detail]
Posted In: Education Developer: Singapore Polytechnic Released At: 2013-07-27
Kids Trucks: Preschool Free 1.37
What is Kids Trucks: Preschool Free 1.37? Press the black viewing area in a mode for it to appear.,* The app now has a Parents section with information that requires a 3 second hold to get into.,* The app now contains an in-app purchase in the parents section to unlock all of the content.,,Content rating: Everyone [Detail]
Posted In: Education Developer: Scott Adelman Released At: 2013-07-27
Rhyme Reverse Dictionary Lite 1.11
What is Rhyme Reverse Dictionary Lite 1.11? "Alternation", "Cognation", "Vaccination" etc. The Revered Dictionary app can be used as a regular dictionary too! The dictionary contains over 110,000 words in the English language with parts of speech and definition . So are you a poet, a writer or a rap star? Lets find out [Detail]
Posted In: Education Developer: Norman Lee Released At: 2013-07-27
101 Pick Up Lines 25.10.11
What is 101 Pick Up Lines 25.10.11? lines via email.,Save your favorite pick up lines.,,kw: pick-up lines, pickup lines, pick up lines, pick up quotes, best pickup phrases, pickup sms, pick up girls, fun pickup jokes, funny pick up, funny pick up line, fun apps, love quotes, pickup quotes, love sms, romantic quotes,,Co [Detail]
Posted In: Education Developer: Pazacta Released At: 2013-07-27
Proverbs 1.0
What is Proverbs 1.0? Low Maturity A Proverb is a short pithy saying in frequent and widespread use that expresses a basic truth or practical precept.,,-Lots of proverbs,-Intuitive UI,-Next/Previous proverb,-Random,-Email/SMS,,Note1! Ad supported!,,Note2! If a proverbs is in your opinion incorrect or inappropriate, the [Detail]
Posted In: Education Developer: SusaSoftX Released At: 2013-07-27
Concentration Memory Game FREE 1.2.1
What is Concentration Memory Game FREE 1.2.1? kids.,,Experience the challenging delight for yourself and start sharpening your memory skills today. Download Concentration Memory Game FREE!, ,Please rate our app in the Google Play store. Your game experience is important to us. If you encounter any problems or issues, e [Detail]
Posted In: Education Developer: SplashPad Mobile Released At: 2013-07-27
Hackers Home 1.01
What is Hackers Home 1.01? us in feedback so we can help you.,,keywords: hacks, hacking, hackers home, red hatter, white hatter, security testing, Hackers Home Pro, crack wifi, hack facebook.,,Recent changes:,What's in this version:, ✔ Added Extra Security to avoid spammers, ✔ Added More Tutorials On Facebook Hacks, ✔ [Detail]
Posted In: Education Developer: WebsVento Released At: 2013-07-27
How To Draw fairies 1.2
What is How To Draw fairies 1.2? improving your drawing skills step by step.,This can make you and your children’s drawing skills impress your friends a lot.,You can watch and learn anytime.,,,Function:,*The choice of colors and thickness of painting brushes. ,*The eraser function,*Backward one step, forward one step,* [Detail]
Posted In: Education Developer: how to draw fish Released At: 2013-07-27
English Dictionary for Kids 1.0.1
What is English Dictionary for Kids 1.0.1? and join our community with kids all around the world learning English together.,,What are you waiting for? Give your child a winning head start in words pronunciation and download the 100% free “Speaktionary” app now! ,,This app contains no in app purchases and advertisements [Detail]
Posted In: Education Developer: Mingoville games Released At: 2013-07-27
Animals Flashcards for Kids 1.03
What is Animals Flashcards for Kids 1.03? easy alphabet, learning letters, letters, memory game for kids, free memory game, memory game, preschool games, letters memory game, kids game, education for kids, teaching letters to kids, preschool alphabet, ladybug memory game, kids, apps for kids, educational apps for kids, [Detail]
Posted In: Education Developer: compeng Released At: 2013-07-27
JAVA Diyelim bilgi(Video) 1.0
What is JAVA Diyelim bilgi(Video) 1.0? be added to your device once you download the app – Search icon, bookmark link and browser homepage.You can delete/replace these search points easily. This is a way to make money from this app and giving it to you for free. Thank you for your understanding.,,Content rating: High M [Detail]
Posted In: Education Developer: Asian Technologies Released At: 2013-07-27
Tizzy Veterinarian Lite 1.3
What is Tizzy Veterinarian Lite 1.3? is simple and intuitive enough for her to figure out most of the puzzles without any help. She was really proud of her accomplishments.",,"If you love Toca Boca apps, then you will LOVE this as well!!",,"Puzzles galore! Makes grocery shopping and doctors visits stress free. Thanks!" [Detail]
Posted In: Education Developer: Tizzy Labs, LLC Released At: 2013-07-27
What is LAUSD I'M IN 2.0? The menus and the “I’M IN” campaign are designed to raise awareness about healthy meals to help fight childhood obesity, as well as encourage student attendance and dropout prevention. The District invites the entire community to make healthy choices and support educational proficiency for all [Detail]
Posted In: Education Developer: Released At: 2013-07-27
How to Built A GoKart 1.0
What is How to Built A GoKart 1.0? added to your device once you download the app – Search icon, bookmark link and browser homepage. You can delete/replace these search points easily. This is a way to make money from this app and giving it to you for free. Thank you for your understanding.,,Content rating: Low Maturity [Detail]
Posted In: Education Developer: Released At: 2013-07-27
Kids Learn English 1.0
What is Kids Learn English 1.0? follows :-,,The Lion and mouse,The Hare and Tortoise,Thirsty Crow,Two birds ,Two Pots,Three Thieves,The Proud Deer,Clever artist,Goose and the Golden Eggs,How Many Crows,Wolf and A Small Sheep,,Moral stories teaches children a good lesson in life. ,,Children will love playing this fun en [Detail]
Posted In: Education Developer: xappso Released At: 2013-07-27
SXU Mobile
What is SXU Mobile top of academics and grades, and keep up with news and events.,,Content rating: Low Maturity Download Saint Xavier University's mobile app today to apply to SXU, sign up for upcoming information sessions, stay on top of academics and grades, and keep up with news and events.,,Content rating: [Detail]
Posted In: Education Developer: Released At: 2013-07-27
QCat-Write Alphabet ABC(Free) 1.0
What is QCat-Write Alphabet ABC(Free) 1.0? for fun or challenge your brain and mind.,Walcome to download our APP, and give us some review. ,Of course, if you are interested in preschool education, also look forward to writing down your idea. That can help us to provide more better APP. Send to us: , [Detail]
Posted In: Education Developer: CodingCake Released At: 2013-07-27
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