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 Fonts This application offers fonts for many other applications.For directions see advanced in-app help (
This application offers fonts for many other applications.
For directions see advanced in-app help (Select app).

Supported apps:
- GO Launcher EX
- GO SMS Pro
- GO Keyboard
- Handcent SMS
- ChompSMS
- Pansi SMS
- PicsArt
- Simple Text
- Banner
- Photo Editor
- PC or Mac

46 different fonts, including Android 4 font Roboto.

Roboto (Android 4.0), PortLligatSans, Graduate, Codystar, AnnieUseYourTelescope, Condiment, Share, Iceberg, Shojumaru, MacondoSwashCaps, Acme, SquadaOne, PatuaOne, MountainsofChristmas, Iceland, Aladin, BubblegumSans, Baumans, Fascinate, SpicyRice, CreepsterCaps, OSP-DIN, CursiveSerif, Alfphabet, Segment14, Dotrice-Bold, MedievalSharp, LiberationSerif-Bold, YanoneKaffeesatz, GoudyBookletter1911, MaidenOrange, Lobster, WalterTurncoat, VT323, CarterOne, Geo, Sancreek, Salsa, Rancho, Schoolbell, JustAnotherHand, Tangerine

Supports App2SD.

Required for "PicsArt", "Photo Editor" and "Simple Text". If you do not use one of them no data will be stored to your sdcard.

You are missing a font?
You found another App that is able to use external fonts?
Write a mail, i will add them to the lists. ;)

Publisher: beewhale